Bye 2022. You wont be missed!

We had big hopes for you 2022, but needless to say, you turned out to be one of the craziest years for investors. Here’s looking back at 2022 - obviously with memes!

This week in investing memes

Let’s unwrap the market with some charts and some high-quality memes!

Inflation and Fear of Recession in the US and Impact on India

The US Fed has vowed to suppress growth to control inflation and keep raising interest rates until inflation reaches 2%. This is an evolving situation that can impact India.

Which sectors are gaining from the atmanirbhar initiatives?

Stocks benefiting from the critical policies have a long way to go. In this post, we will drill down into the sectors and industries covered under these schemes, which will be crucial to spot these winners.

Sectors where Mutual Funds are buying in 2022

Did you know that tracking the stocks that are being bought by large institutions like Mutual Funds can be a very profitable investing strategy?

Why are FIIs buying into the Indian market?

After months of constant selling from October 2021 to June 2022, foreign institutional investors (FII), are back in love with Indian markets and, to date, have purchased shares worth $ 5 billion.

Is festive season the time to bet on consumption?

Consumer confidence is an economic indicator that measures the degree of optimism regarding a country's economy. Consumer confidence has been picking up in recent weeks.

Rising Interest Rates make Banks Attractive

The banking sector should be at the centre of investor focus right now. Not only is the rising interest rate environment favourable for the banks, but several catalysts make banking extremely attractive

Evaluating Sectoral Performance

Most sectors in the Indian economy have struggled in the last six months of the bear market, and in these challenging times, the outlook for the sectors changes quickly. In this post, we evaluate the sectoral performance and the outlook.

Sector Rotation & Business Cycles

“If you are in the right sector at the right time, you can make a lot of money real fast.” - Peter Lynch

We don't talk about bear markets, no, no, no

The crash has unnerved everyone! Are we in a bear market? What happens next? How to manage risk? Lets find out

Inflation & It's Impact

The markets have been routed over the past month after the central banks raised rates.Why are these central banks hiking rates and destroying our portfolios? The answer is INFLATION. In this post, we will look at inflation and try to predict the way. So gear up!

Invest in Atmanirbhar 🇮🇳 theme

Launching the Wright New India portfolio that invests in the Atmanirbhar Bharat theme - stocks favored by PLI, China+1 and Make In India

Can we Invest in Atmanirbhar 🇮🇳 theme?

Even with the recent volatility in the Indian market, the stocks that have stayed resilient are the atmanirbhar India stocks. The term ‘AtmaNirbhar’ has evolved from a buzzword to a solid profitable strategy.

Key Investor Questions

In the past few months and recent weeks there have been too many announcements to absorb. Furthermore, the global macro factors are also adding to investor ambiguity. So it makes sense to answer a few of the burning investor questions.

Falling Rural Demand vs Rising Agri Commodities

The rural economy that was just recovering from supply shock during the pandemic has been hit afresh by the commodity inflation fueled by the Ukraine-Russia crisis. Can the momentum in agri-commodity prices revive it?

Decoding the Fund Flow

FIIs have sold equities worth $19.82 billion since October 1 last year. In 2008, FIIs sold $15 billion of shares during GFC. Yet, more surprisingly, the DIIs have kept the index stable. Why is this happening?

The Wild Commodity Price Rise

There has been a massive upsurge in crude, natural gas, metals, and agro commodities after the beginning of Ukraine's invasion by Russia. Let's explore the pressures and opportunities from the crisis.

The markets have been tough. Let’s dig in...

Is the market volatility making you jittery? 🥶 Let's keep our long-term investor hats on 🎩 and try to understand the economics of war, the impact on India, and portfolio guidance.  Let's dive in.. 🏊

Serving Consistent Market Returns

At Wright Research, we believe that the market does not remain the same all the time. And as the market itself shifts its behavior, allocations within our portfolios also need to turn. This is why we like to follow a multi-factor approach in our stock selection and asset allocation.

Market Overview - Key Investor Questions

As volatility kicks in to the market with rising inflation in the US and rising Crude prices, we answer some key investor queries

Budget 2022 - Pivot your Portfolio the Wright way!

This is a Capex boosting budget which is prudent in other expenditures as the FM looks to contain the fiscal spending while enhancing growth. Understand how to pivot your portfolio as the market turns green.

What to expect in the run-up to the Budget?

The 2022 Budget will be looked at from two critical angles. First, the expectation of a boost to economic growth through capital expenditure, and second, the ability to contain fiscal deficit in the increasingly uncertain global economy

Sector Deep Dive: Infrastructure

The Indian economy relies heavily on the infrastructure industry. This sector is critical to India's overall growth, and the government has placed a high priority on enacting regulations that would assure the country's building of world-class infrastructure promptly

New Year, Key Investor Queries

Market can scale new highs if the Budget delivers on growth: Sonam Srivastava of Wright Research

Happy New Year: Markets in Review

As the year ends and we look back, we can declare that 2021 was one of the good ones! Check out our review and projections for next year.

How to value high growth companies?

This is a much needed conversation in the current high growth IPO frenzy

The Growing Craze of IPOs in India

72 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) were launched in India between January and September, raising a total of $330.66 billion. In addition, 33 IPOs are planned for this year, including Nykaa, Mobikwik, Paytm, and the well-known LIC.

This Diwali, add sparkle to your portfolio with Wright Research.

With Diwali approaching, now is the time for investors to assess their investment portfolio and add some luster to it with some exciting investing themes.

Markets at a Discount

The markets rising rapidly over the last month took a nosedive last week, with small and mid-caps losing more than 5% as Nifty crashed 2%.

Markets at 60k!

In this month's markets & macros review, we celebrate Sensex hitting 60k!

To SIP or not to SIP

Every investment expert talks about SIPs so that investors might think they are the cure to all ills. But is investing systematically really as great as it is made out to be?

Market Pulse - Deep Dive

There's uncertainty in the equity markets and churn happening from cyclical to defensive sectors. Investor nerves are frayed!

The Burning Investor Questions

Is the market overvalued? Are we nearing price correction? Is this the right time to double down on investments? What about the FED tapering and rate hikes?

Bond Yields, Commodities, Inflation & Equity Markets

In the last couple of weeks we have heard these terms - bond yields, commodity price rise, inflation while watching the equity markets countless times. Let's try to understand where we stand now.

Rebalancing your portfolio post-budget: the data-driven way!

In this blog, Sonam talks about how tactical planning and execution driven by data can curate an Ideal Portfolio in the ‘post-budget’ period. Here, she focuses on how data plays an important role and how the new budget can teach us to plan accordingly for the future.

Rebalancing Updates: December 2020

Last month was a good month for the Wright portfolios. Our tilt towards smallcap stocks and financial stocks worked in our favour.

Trading US Elections with Data Science

US Elections are the one of most important events for the markets. There is a lot of fear in the market on the ongoing trend in the equity markets getting broken after elections

2020: What lies ahead?

As 2020 progresses in a frenzy of fear and greed, we review of equity markets and macros and evaluation of the upside potential and uncertainties in the rest of 2020!

One Year of Outperformance

Last week, Wright completed one year of offering our flagship portfolios to investors via smallcase! This first year of our journey has been the most incredible

Wright Views: August 2020

Monthly newsletter for August commenting on the markets, economy, equity factors & our portfolio

Economic Impact of India-China trade war

Let us understand the economic implications of India-Chine trade war on your portfolio.

Macro Regime Prediction Model

In this post we use macro economic variables to model stock market risk and returns

Covid – 19: Impact, Recovery & Investment Strategies

Once again, India and the world are in the face of a crisis like no other.

Performance Update: Nine months and a market crash!

We completed 9 months of live performance and survived a market crash!

Three month performance update

We have completed 3 months since we started our multi asset tactical portfolios!