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Equity Advisory

Equity Portfolios

How to choose the perfect equity portfolio? Find out on our equity portfolio showcase page

Mutual Fund Advisory

Mutual Fund Portfolios

Right allocation is important for mutual funds, know about our MF portfolios

Alternative Portfolios

Alternative Portfolios

Advanced investors can work with alternative offerings with leverage and higher frequencies

Featured Products

We have a large set of portfolios that you can explore in our Equity, MF and Alternative showcase pages, here are the featured ones


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Good Performance
Top Performing

Our portfolios have led the benchmarks all along the last 2 years

Low Fee
Low Cost

Our costs are quite low compared to peers

Quant Research

Our research team has some award winning researchers

24x7 Support

Our support team is always on the go ready to help you out with any queries

Top Rated

Our products are highly rated and there's a lot of love that we get on social media

Machine Learning

We use AI in making our models better and contribute to global research.

Low Drawdowns

Our portfolios have survived the March 2020 crisis with the lowest drawdowns

Smooth Execution

Enjoy seamless execution with our technology partners


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