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Of Robo Advisors and Digital Financial Management...

The way we invest has changed. In this new decade, the Indian investor recognizes the equity market's power and trusts data and technology to make decisions for her. These investors are looking for financial planners to remove investment research's burden. And true to today's world - they want financial management to be available digitally....

Importance of Financial Planners

A financial planner advises strategies to meet your financial needs and long-term goals. They comprehend your financial situation, understand what you want from your money presently and in the future, and then suggest appropriate investments to you. A financial portfolio advisory can give you tailored portfolios for your needs.

Do You Need an Investment Advisor?

If you want to make the most out of the opportunities the financial market provides, it is best for you to go for an expert to help navigate the markets for you. A financial advisor specializes in the field of finance and investments. They provide financial knowledge and advice to customers based on their expertise in that field and per the customers' requirements.

Types of Financial Planners

Your needs, period of life, and financial situation will determine the kind of financial advisor who is best for you. Below, we'll list a few possibilities.


In the fast-paced world, a Robo-advisor might be adequate to satisfy your needs. The cost of financial management has significantly decreased because of automation, which has helped established organizations like Vanguard and Fidelity and online-only businesses like Betterment and Wealthfront. These businesses are perfect if you only require investment management rather than comprehensive financial planning. For a small fee—Robo-advisors create and maintain a portfolio of inexpensive investments tailored to your financial objectives. A computer algorithm chooses the investment mix, automatically modified as necessary. The low entrance hurdle and cost of Robo-advisors lower the barriers to achieving your financial objectives. That's crucial because staying out of the market could starve your retirement. You can begin with a robot counsellor and, if necessary, add a human advisor.

Traditional, In-Person Financial Planners

Those with complex or continuing planning needs may be better suited to a conventional, in-person financial planner.

Online Financial Planning Services

Numerous online planning firms offer access to active financial advisers and computer-driven portfolio management. A thorough financial plan and a dedicated financial planner are frequently provided. However, meetings with the advisor typically take place over the phone or by video conference. Online planning services are often more expensive than Robo-advisors but less expensive than conventional financial planners.

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Grow your wealth with our AI platform.