These 5 Wealthtech Startups are using Quantitative Investing to Help People Invest

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Published On May 17, 2022

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According to a recent report by MarketMojo, a staggering 75% of Indian Demat accounts are inactive, highlighting the need for a solution that can assist new investors in both identifying investment opportunities and automating their trading activities while ensuring portfolio balance. This has led to a growing interest in quantitative investing, a strategy that relies on detailed statistical analysis, complex algorithms, and models to guide investment decisions. Examples of quantitative investing include high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading, and statistical arbitrage.

Recognizing the demand for such strategies, several wealth management startups in India have emerged, utilizing quantitative investing methodologies to offer AI-driven portfolios with promising returns. Startups such as Wright Research aim to revolutionize the investment landscape by combining advanced technologies, data-driven strategies, and human expertise to deliver transparent, efficient, and optimized investment solutions for both domestic and foreign investors.

Wright Research uses advanced machine learning models for market regime modelling to forecast market risk in the next month and quarter. It changes the allocations to factors and asset classes based on this.

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