Performance Update: Nine months and a market crash!

by Team Wright

Published On April 29, 2020

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We completed 9 months of live performance and survived a market crash!

The unforeseen, once in a lifetime crash caused due to the economic impact of the loss due to the coronavirus blew up all major markets in March 2020. We survived and lived to tell the tale!

All major equity markets fell as much as 30% in March 2020 and the markets were filled with extreme fear and panicked selling.

Nine Months Performance

Our Multi Factor Tactical portfolios during the same period did exceedingly well for a long-only strategy.

Nine Months Performance
While the Nifty suffered a 30% drawdown in March, our portfolio only went down 12%

How did this happen?Our asset allocation modules which are based on apredictive regime shift modelmade us deallocate away from equities to bonds and liquid instruments early in February and March.

Nine Months Performance

The performance since inceptionfor our strategies is outperforming the index by a big margin now.

Nine Months Performance
Nine Months Performance

Going forwardswe are being cautious, we were deallocated from equities by upto 50% in April and invested into sectors like Pharma, FMCG and Financials. The styles or themes we were invested in were — low volatility, value and efficiency.

Nine Months Performance
Allocations in April

Now that the markets are recovering, in May we expect to have a higher equity allocation and larger allocation to risk.

Our Investment Philosophy

Learn how we choose the right asset mix for your risk profile across all market conditions.

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