This week in investing memes

Let’s unwrap the market with some charts and some high-quality memes!

Earnings - Do they even matter?

Earnings release is a huge event every quarter. Let's analyse if that actually matters...

Sectors where Mutual Funds are buying in 2022

Did you know that tracking the stocks that are being bought by large institutions like Mutual Funds can be a very profitable investing strategy?

Why are FIIs buying into the Indian market?

After months of constant selling from October 2021 to June 2022, foreign institutional investors (FII), are back in love with Indian markets and, to date, have purchased shares worth $ 5 billion.

Is festive season the time to bet on consumption?

Consumer confidence is an economic indicator that measures the degree of optimism regarding a country's economy. Consumer confidence has been picking up in recent weeks.

Rising Interest Rates make Banks Attractive

The banking sector should be at the centre of investor focus right now. Not only is the rising interest rate environment favourable for the banks, but several catalysts make banking extremely attractive

Evaluating Sectoral Performance

Most sectors in the Indian economy have struggled in the last six months of the bear market, and in these challenging times, the outlook for the sectors changes quickly. In this post, we evaluate the sectoral performance and the outlook.

Sector Rotation & Business Cycles

“If you are in the right sector at the right time, you can make a lot of money real fast.” - Peter Lynch

We don't talk about bear markets, no, no, no

The crash has unnerved everyone! Are we in a bear market? What happens next? How to manage risk? Lets find out

Market Overview - Key Investor Questions

As volatility kicks in to the market with rising inflation in the US and rising Crude prices, we answer some key investor queries

Budget 2022 - Pivot your Portfolio the Wright way!

This is a Capex boosting budget which is prudent in other expenditures as the FM looks to contain the fiscal spending while enhancing growth. Understand how to pivot your portfolio as the market turns green.

Sector Deep Dive: Infrastructure

The Indian economy relies heavily on the infrastructure industry. This sector is critical to India's overall growth, and the government has placed a high priority on enacting regulations that would assure the country's building of world-class infrastructure promptly

Market Pulse - Deep Dive

There's uncertainty in the equity markets and churn happening from cyclical to defensive sectors. Investor nerves are frayed!

Sector Rotation with Augment Capital

Sector rotation strategies may help you align your portfolio with your market outlook and the different phases of the business cycle

Rebalancing your portfolio post-budget: the data-driven way!

In this blog, Sonam talks about how tactical planning and execution driven by data can curate an Ideal Portfolio in the ‘post-budget’ period. Here, she focuses on how data plays an important role and how the new budget can teach us to plan accordingly for the future.