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Artificial Intelligence in Investing

Artificial Intelligence in Investing

Asset Allocation - The Wright Way!

Asset Allocation - The Wright Way

Emerging Trends - 2023

Emerging Trends 2023

Decoding the market craziness with data

Decoding the market craziness with data

Earnings Momentum

We've upgraded! Now we are including earnings momentum as a part of our models.

Bye 2022. You wont be missed!

We had big hopes for you 2022, but needless to say, you turned out to be one of the craziest years for investors. Here’s looking back at 2022 - obviously with memes!

Emerging Investment Themes for 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, most of the world still faces stubbornly high inflation, aggressive interest-rate hikes and geopolitical tensions. But Indian market already has some exciting themes emerging that can bring a lot of color to our portfolios.

India vs Emerging Markets

India has left behind the emerging market by a wide margin over the past few years in terms of stock market growth rate. But are we also over-valued?

Markets @ All-Time High | Factors to Watch

Ever since the inflation numbers have eased and the US FED has hinted at a slower rate hike, the market euphoria has returned. Nifty is almost touching the all-time high of 18600, and we have seen the FIIs return to India!

Multi Factor Investing

No one factor works well all the time! So let’s talk about the Multi-Factor portfolio. Wright Research’s Multi-Factor portfolios were the first portfolios we started with three years ago, and they have had a fantastic run.

The Multibaggers of Momentum

As Momentum completes two years of existence, we look at the multi-baggers of this high-performance strategy.

No Gyan, Only Data

Are you tired of all the investment gyan ever present on the internet? I know that I am. Every other investment manager is rattling off about the long-term story and the strength of the Indian market. So we thought that this week, we would not join the bandwagon!

Earnings - Do they even matter?

Earnings release is a huge event every quarter. Let's analyse if that actually matters...

Decoding Algo Trading + New Products 🚀

Algorithmic trading has revolutionized stock market trading. It has provided traders with a competitive advantage to improve their skills and outperform traditional trading.


The biggest USP for Wright Research portfolios is our strong investment philosophy. It is a great thing that this philosophy has also led to a fantastic performance.

Risk Management at Wright Research

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing

Momentum Investing

Momentum Investing is one the most debated and yet the most popular factor influencing equity market returns

Artificial Intelligence in Investing

Artificial Intelligence can create a competitive edge to extract actionable insights in the complex framework of the financial markets

Regime Modeling

One of the underlying principles of our investment philosophy is that the markets do not always stay the same.

Pairs Trading Strategy - Nifty & Bank Nifty

In this blog we look at the maths behind pairs trading strategy and demonstrate the implementation an actual pairs trading strategy between Nifty & Banknifty

Asset Allocation To Protect and Grow Your Investments

One of the biggest problems new investors face is placing all their eggs into one basket or stock, hoping to get rich quickly. What often happens is that new investors “blow up” their portfolio and st

Factor Models

Factor models are financial models that use factors — that can be technical, fundamental, macroeconomic or alternate to define a security’s risk and returns.