Why Momentum?

Why Momentum?

Emerging Investment Themes for 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, most of the world still faces stubbornly high inflation, aggressive interest-rate hikes and geopolitical tensions. But Indian market already has some exciting themes emerging that can bring a lot of color to our portfolios.

The Multibaggers of Momentum

As Momentum completes two years of existence, we look at the multi-baggers of this high-performance strategy.

Momentum is an amazing Long Term strategy

There is recurring doubt among investors that Momentum might not be a strategy suited for the long term as it is trying to capture short-term trends. But if you look at the data, you’ll find that Momentum is, in fact, an excellent strategy for the long term.

Top Myths About Momentum Investing - Busted!

Momentum Investing is simply defined as the strong predictive power of past returns influencing future returns. Unfortunately, a momentum-based investing approach can confuse investors, and so creep up several myths about Momentum Investing. In this post, we will set the record straight and bust som

One Year of Momentum - Investor Playbook

These days, momentum investing is all the rage. However, this rage is not irrational as a momentum approach is designed to profit from the bull market and, we have witnessed a dream bull run phase.

Momentum Investing

Momentum Investing is one the most debated and yet the most popular factor influencing equity market returns

Wright Momentum

With the uncertainty in August behind us, the markets are back in their glory this September, and the (W)right way to get a flavor of the trending market is the Wright Momentum portfolio!

Markets & Macros - July 2021

Once a month, it makes sense for us to take a pause and look at the markets & macros to make sense of all the noise. Here we look at markets, our performance and hits & misses

Momentum + Volatility Investing

In this post Aditya Bakde talks about how he used Wright Simulator to build a momentum & volatility strategy

Building a winning portfolio with multi factor strategies

How do you make a winning portfolio that can grow your wealth consistently and at low risk? We find the answer to this question in multi factor strategies.

Sector Rotation with Augment Capital

Sector rotation strategies may help you align your portfolio with your market outlook and the different phases of the business cycle

Wright ⚡️Momentum

Wright is launching a Momentum basket as a free for all research product, this portfolio invests in trending stocks

Wright Views: August 2020

Monthly newsletter for August commenting on the markets, economy, equity factors & our portfolio