Wright Momentum

by Sonam Srivastava

Published On Sept. 13, 2021

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With the uncertainty in August behind us, the markets are back in their glory this September, and the (W)right way to get a flavor of the trending market is the Wright Momentum portfolio!

So here’s a refresher on the Momentum portfolio to get you started!

Wright Momentum

Take advantage of the trending market. A momentum strategy is specifically built to take advantage of the bull market. Momentum works when people herd towards stocks (due to structural reasons), and high momentum stocks emerge as bull market winners.

In the continuing bull market, our Momentum strategy has given 90% returns in 10 months which is 50% better than the Nifty.

Why Momentum and How? - Momentum is a behavioral factor. A momentum-based investing approach can confuse investors who are often told that chasing performance is a mistake and it is impossible to time the markets.

Yet as a systematic factor, it sits on decades of outperformance. At Wright Research, we look at multiple momentum and breakout signals to create this portfolio focusing on diversification and keeping risks low.

Wright Momentum

Wright Momentum

Where do you invest? A momentum strategy is sector agnostic and dynamic. We invest in cyclical sectors when markets are in the growth phase and defensives when markets are consolidating. We have a smallcap bias when smaller stocks are in flavor but switch to bigger stocks otherwise.

Even then, we keep the turnover very low by rebalancing monthly and changing only 0-4 stocks per month.

What about Risk?

Wright Momentum has a robust risk management policy. As a result, the portfolio is generally well-diversified.

In difficult times, we have a deallocation policy. For example, we systematically shift money away from equities to safer liquid bees in drawdown times for equity markets until the drawdown settles.

Wright Momentum

Wright Momentum

Wright Momentum is the most loved and trusted portfolio by Wright Research.

The portfolio has delivered 87% returns in 10 months at a 50% outperformance over Nifty and you can get started with only ~ 35,000 Rs at a monthly fee of Rs 200 + GST

Wright Momentum

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Wright ⚡️ Momentum smallcase by Wright Research

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