Asset Allocation

Find Out What Portfolio Risk Is & How to Reduce It

Explore the intricate dynamics of portfolio risk, the various types, and the art of risk management. From asset allocation to diversification, learn how to calculate and mitigate potential financial loss. Discover tools, examples, and strategies to navigate the investment landscape, balance returns.

Portfolio Allocation for Tackling Market Turbulence

Portfolio Allocation for Tackling Market Turbulence

Outlook for the New Year

New Year is the time to - make predictions!

Overvaluation, Rate Hikes and What Looks Attractive?

Our market has been the most robust over the last year and is at a much higher valuation multiple than many emerging markets. Is this a concern during global recessionary fears.

Multi Factor Investing: Strategies, Benefits, & Best Multi-Factor ETFs

Find out how multifactor investing can help you to enhance your portfolio by exploring strategies, benefits and the top multi-factor exchange traded funds in India.

Serving Consistent Market Returns

At Wright Research, we believe that the market does not remain the same all the time. And as the market itself shifts its behavior, allocations within our portfolios also need to turn. This is why we like to follow a multi-factor approach in our stock selection and asset allocation.

10 Investing Resolutions for 2022

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s making resolutions! So why not resolve to be a better investor next year?

Risk Management at Wright Research

Learn how to manage risk effectively. Our comprehensive guide covers key strategies and insights to navigate the complex world of financial risk.

Asset Allocation To Protect and Grow Your Investments

One of the biggest problems new investors face is placing all their eggs into one basket or stock, hoping to get rich quickly. What often happens is that new investors “blow up” their portfolio and st

Macro Regime Prediction Model

In this post we use macro economic variables to model stock market risk and returns

Investing for Women

Women typically have a different approach to life as well as investing than men. The traditional gender roles have attached the role of caretakers to women and have made women low-risk takers compared to their male counterparts.

Portfolio Optimization Methods

Unlock Portfolio Optimization: Methods, Risk Parity equation, Examples. Discover best techniques at Wright Research for optimizing your investment portfolio.

Three month performance update

We have completed 3 months since we started our multi asset tactical portfolios!

Regime Shift Models — A Fascinating Use Case of Time Series Modeling

Regime shift models are a powerful use case of time series modeling in the financial markets

Dynamic Asset Allocation with Wright Research

The Multi Asset Tactical smallcase by Wright Research invests in the best assets by combining stocks selected via Smart Beta factors with Bond & Gold ETFs

All you need to know about the Multi Factor Tactical portfolio

This is a dynamic portfolio that allocates to equity smart beta factor baskets along with bonds, liquid and gold ETFs