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Momentum is an amazing Long Term strategy

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

There is recurring doubt among investors that Momentum might not be a strategy suited for the long term as it is trying to capture short-term trends. But if you look at the data, you’ll find that Momentum is, in fact, an excellent strategy for the long term.

What is Factor Investing - Benefits and Risks

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

Discover the concept, benefits, & strategies of factor investing in India. Explore factor investing in mutual funds, understand how it works, & stay updated with the latest research & examples.

Serving Consistent Market Returns

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

At Wright Research, we believe that the market does not remain the same all the time. And as the market itself shifts its behavior, allocations within our portfolios also need to turn. This is why we like to follow a multi-factor approach in our stock selection and asset allocation.

One Year of Momentum - Investor Playbook

by Siddhart Agarwal5 min read

These days, momentum investing is all the rage. However, this rage is not irrational as a momentum approach is designed to profit from the bull market and, we have witnessed a dream bull run phase.

Wright Momentum

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

With the uncertainty in August behind us, the markets are back in their glory this September, and the (W)right way to get a flavor of the trending market is the Wright Momentum portfolio!

Quality minus Junk

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

Quality Investing in owning the best companies for the long term. A quality company is one which is safe, profitable, well managed and growing.

Trailblazing Smallcaps

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

Small caps have been on the rise and they've been skyrocketing! What could be the reason for smallcaps to rise at a time like this?

Momentum + Volatility Investing

by Aditya Bakde5 min read

In this post Aditya Bakde talks about how he used Wright Simulator to build a momentum & volatility strategy

Wright ⚡️Momentum

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

Wright is launching a Momentum basket as a free for all research product, this portfolio invests in trending stocks

Wright ❤ Smallcaps

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

A satellite portfolio to participate in the smallcap rally

Unveiling the Power of Factor Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Factor Investing for Optimal Returns

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

Explore factor investing models in portfolio management. Gain insights into effective strategies with Wright Research's analysis. Read more.

Regime Shift Models — A Fascinating Use Case of Time Series Modeling

by Sonam Srivastava5 min read

Delve into the world of regime shift models and gain a comprehensive understanding of what they are and how they function. Explore regime shift now.

Dynamic Asset Allocation with Wright Research

by Team Wright5 min read

The Multi Asset Tactical smallcase by Wright Research invests in the best assets by combining stocks selected via Smart Beta factors with Bond & Gold ETFs

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