No Gyan, Only Data

Are you tired of all the investment gyan ever present on the internet? I know that I am. Every other investment manager is rattling off about the long-term story and the strength of the Indian market. So we thought that this week, we would not join the bandwagon!

Factor Investing

Factors are indicators that can help describe stock returns. They are a extremely important tool to understand the market and deliver outperformance.


The biggest USP for Wright Research portfolios is our strong investment philosophy. It is a great thing that this philosophy has also led to a fantastic performance.

Risk Management at Wright Research

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing

Momentum Investing

Momentum Investing is one the most debated and yet the most popular factor influencing equity market returns

Artificial Intelligence in Investing

Artificial Intelligence can create a competitive edge to extract actionable insights in the complex framework of the financial markets

Regime Modeling

One of the underlying principles of our investment philosophy is that the markets do not always stay the same.