Sonam Srivastava

Founder, CEO | Wright Research

“I am passionate about building a scalable quant business.”
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Sonam Srivastava is the founder of Wright Research, a SEBI registered Robo-advisor based in India. An IIT graduate, Srivastava used her expertise in quant finance to establish the firm, which leverages scientific, data-driven methods to manage over 250 crore INR in assets and serve more than 40,000 clients. The firm's approach has resulted in a 90%+ outperformance over the index in the past three years, making it popular among millennial investors. Before establishing Wright Research, Srivastava developed trading algorithms for high-frequency trading at HSBC and Edelweiss, and worked on portfolio management at the AI-driven Robo-advisor, Qplum. After a US-based advisory scrapped plans to launch in India, she started offering research-backed model stock portfolios to investors, gaining popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. With over a decade of experience in investment research and portfolio management, Srivastava is globally recognized as an expert in her field. Besides running Wright Research, she also serves as visiting faculty at AI in Finance Institute New York and BSE Institute Limited. Her academic credentials include a master's degree in financial engineering from Worldquant University.