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This is a dynamic medium-risk portfolio that allocates to equity, bonds, gold and international ETFs

Returns: 1.4 % (2Y)


Low Volatility

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This is a low risk ETF strategy which aims to give consistent in all stages of the market cycle by dynamic allocation to equity, sectoral, bond, gold & international ETFs based on the changing market regime.

  • This is a multi ETF portfolio, containing only liquid ETFs
  • This portfolio also contains bonds, gold and international ETFs which are dynamically given higher weightage when markets are volatile. 
  • The historical performance of this portfolio has beaten the benchmarks by a wide margin in all market conditions.
  • The rebalance of the portfolio is usually done every month to keep turnover low, the portfolio might also be rebalanced on a weekly basis if market conditions change drastically.
The strategy invests in ETFs using mean variance optimization and risk targeting
ETFs of all asset classes included

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PE Ratio

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Oct. 1, 2022



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