Mutual Funds - Aggressive

This is a multi asset mutual fund portfolio suited for the investor with the aggressive risk profile. The allocations are dynamically adjusted semi annually.

Returns: 22.0 % (3Y)


High Volatility

Portfolio Update:


Min Investment:


6 months access for₹1000

This portfolio is constructed using the best in class MFs in various categories. The allocation to various MFs is done to maximize the expected returns for the given level of risk. The maximum exposure to various sectors & themes is capped.
We rebalance this portfolio semi annualy or whenever we think that the market conditions have changed so drastically that we need to look at the portfolio.
Direct MFs; Debt 0% - 19.99%;

PB Ratio

PE Ratio

Rebalancing Frequency


Next Update

Aug. 23, 2022



Performance Metrics

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