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by Sonam Srivastava

Published On Jan. 17, 2021

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Your favourite quant advisor is back up and open for business. Now as a corporate SEBI registered investment advisor! So if you have been waiting to start your subscription with us, now is the time!

Here’s a snapshot of Wright products:

Multi Factor Tactical Portfolios

These are the core of the quant portfolio offerings of Wright. These are unique portfolios that tactically invest in multiple factors in the market, notably momentum, growth, low-volatility & quality. We allocate to the best factor for any market regime for best performance.

We also have a strong predictive market regime model based on economic & technical factors that signals when it’s a time to deallocate away from equities. This keeps the risk & the drawdowns low.

We offer these portfolios in 3 risk profiles — Balanced, Growth & Conservative.

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Smallcaps Portfolio

These are quant based smallcaps portfolios. As the name says, we pick up smallcaps in this portfolio based on various pertinent factor like — momentum, quality, value, growth etc. We use a quantamental machine learning based model for our position sizing.

This portfolio has been live for close to 6 months and has had a spectacular run while the smallcaps have been having a good run post April 2020.

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Momentum Portfolio

This is a trend following portfolio where we use a few momentum signals like previous period returns and stocks crossing all time highs, while being careful with the risk across market caps to deliver high returns.

This portfolio has been live for close to 3 months and has already delivered 25%+ returns in the bull run that the equity markets are having.

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Do check out these portfolios on smallcase.

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