2 Years of Wright Research

by Sonam Srivastava

Published On July 31, 2021

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25th July 2021 marks two years of the existence of your favorite quantitative investment advisor, Wright Research. While some think that Wright is named after the Wright Brothers, we named ourselves Wright because the word means “a maker or a craftsman,” It was the passion for crafting Quant strategies that made us start Wright Research.

Here are some of the key things that have made this 2-year journey spectacular for us!

Love for our Investing Philosophy

The love that Wright Research receives from the investors is the real reward of this venture. When we started, “quant” was something that people said Indian audiences wouldn’t trust. So it is a big revelation that our audiences love us for our investment philosophy. We cater to all types of investors - high risk, low risk, or balanced and we put effort into being transparent and making the investor aware of the risk and returns of equity investing.

The investor on smallcase is passionate about investing and is aware of the opportunities out there. Our effort is to indulge people’s love for the markets and safeguard their wealth while ensuring that they don’t miss out on ongoing opportunities in the market.

Scale & Performace

We have achieved a decent scale with more than 3000 active investors, 7500+ subscribers and 50 crore+ Assets under Advisory, and we think that we can grow many folds from here. We believe that the critical things about our product that led to growth for us are:

  • Risk Management- we got our first spurt of growth in April 2020 because when markets crashed 35% in March, we only went down 15%, and people recognized that.
  • Two Years
  • Product Mix- we started with multi-factor portfolios in 3 risk profiles, a one-stop core portfolio for investors of any risk profile. We later added two kickass products catering to the bull market - momentum & small caps. As a result, our recent growth has come mainly from these two portfolios.
  • Two Years
  • Performance- Our performance has been spectacular. The balanced multi-factor portfolio has given a 225% return in the two years, 85% above the Nifty. Our Momentum & Smallcaps portfolios have also given big performance. Here's a snapshot of the performance.
  • Two Years
Two Years


The Wright team is full of rockstars. Sonam is a quant specialist who’s super passionate about her craft. Ashish is a champion of Technology. There is no tech challenge that he cannot often solve in 15 minutes! Himanshuis one of the best quant researchers at his age. His knowledge of quant concepts is astounding. Finally, Shweta is an investor relations rockstar. She is a lifesaver, making the experience so much better.

Two Years

Why Wright?

Check out Wright Research, we are trying to do something good, and we are making money for you! Go with the strategy that suits your wants and needs and consult with your advisor. This whole thing is built to fulfill your investment goals and aspirations in the end. Approach it with a positive mindset, and things will click.

Our Investment Philosophy

Learn how we choose the right asset mix for your risk profile across all market conditions.

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