Rebalance Update - September 2021

by Sonam Srivastava

Published On Sept. 1, 2021

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Rebalancing after a tough month!

Last monthwas challenging for high beta stocks especially smallcaps & metals.
This obviously led to underperformance for our smallcaps portfolio and volatility in momentum & multi-factor portfolios that have metals and midcap exposure. The reason for this volatility was the expectation of tapering in the FED August meeting. Fortunately, the taper did not happen. As a result, we are seeing an end to the short-term correction and recovering the portfolio performances. In light of this, low volatility stocks like SRF, DMart Mindtree, and HDFC Bank are added to the multifactor portfolios in this month's rebalance. Likewise, in Momentum, Navin Fluorine, Mindtree, Infosys, Tata steel have been added. More details are there in the rebalancing email. So the new allocation looks like this:

How to rebalance your portfolio to save costs!

Because we rebalance our smallcase portfolio a day before the actual rebalance goes out, sometimes orders are generated for stocks for which we actually did not intend to generate trades. This is because of price fluctuations, and this causes unnecessary transaction costs. Know how you can customize your rebalance update to reduce these unnecessary costs.
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